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evil genius

Experiments On Human Subjects

Orenda Records


Released: 29th Jun 2018


the Critically acclaimed experimental jazz-rock power trio returns with a broader palette of sonic madness, in which the group's remarkably nuanced interplay between tuba, guitar and drums explodes with white hot dynamism.

The mood and tone shifts frequently from devastatingly hilarious to extremely subdued and occasionally teeters on the edge of oblivion; such creative versatility is par for the course for a band whose guitarist, max kutner, has played amongst the ranks of captain beefheart’s magic band. Fans of captain beefheart, this heat, threadgill, minutemen and fire! Should check this out. “Evil Genius are still one of the strangest, most eclectic groups out there. More than before, there’s a reward to the dizzying maze of music” – slugmag.

Experiments On Human Subjects