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New Hymn To Freedom

the leaf label


Released: 31st Aug 2018


2lp + cd

Released: 31st Aug 2018


groove laden electronic psychedelic jazz – what’s not to love? if you’ve been hooked on james holden, portico quartet or mammal hands then you’re going to get a kick out of this from luke abbot, laurence pike (pvt) and jack wyllie (portico quartet).

free form, improvised tracks have a tendency to go off on too much of a tangent for most bands, but not for this lot – despite the loose energy it still feels tightly wound and not a second too indulgent. if you like your electronica with a bit of jazz & a motoric beat, or your jazz with a motoric beat & a bit of electronica then you’re going to love this. "[track 'Constellation'] never loses sight of its original motifs, but it becomes wrapped in so many strands of saxophone and percussion that by the end, the song seems to explode, leaving glittering bits of stardust to settle in the atmosphere." - pitchfork

New Hymn To Freedom


  1. Constellation (video)
  2. Fall Into Water
  3. High Szun
  4. Temple
  5. Moon Runes
  6. New Hymn To Freedom
  7. Slow Motion (vinyl only bonus track)