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Otis Taylor

Fantasizing About Being Black



Released: 24th Feb 2017


Blending his unique songwriting & the compelling musical approach that he calls trance blues, the recording inspires with stories of the enduring human spirit, letting its hypnotic sound as well as Taylor's lyrics tell a story of continuing struggle.

a stark & poetic lesson on the historical trauma of the African American experience, from the voyages of slave ships to the Mississippi Delta. Musically, Otis Taylor produces a unique sound that draws on African American culture but is innovative in the instrumentation & arrangement. Typical for the artist, he's found a unique way of expressing ideas in a work that honours musical traditions yet moves the genre forward in a creative mix that has an intellectual & emotional impact.

Fantasizing About Being Black


  1. Twelve String Mile
  2. Walk On Water
  3. Banjo Bam Bam
  4. Hand On Your Stomach
  5. Jump Jelly Belly
  6. Tripping On This
  7. D to E Blues
  8. Jump Out Of Line
  9. Just Want To Live With You Baby
  10. Roll Down The Hill
  11. Jump To Mexico