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Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

The Front Porch Sessions

Family Owned Records/Thirty Tigers


Released: 17th Mar 2017


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Released: 17th Mar 2017

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his dazzling guitar mastery is equalled here by his knack for vivid, emotionally impactful songwriting, and his originals are matched in their authenticity by the deeply felt vintage blues tunes that he covers – this is a must for anyone with an interest in the slide and finger-picking techniques of blues guitar.

The album showcases the Rev’s irrepressible personality while echoing the enduring spirit of such acoustic blues icons as Charlie Patton, Blind Willie Johnson, Bukka White and Furry Lewis, whose ‘When My Baby Left Me’ receives a memorable reading. “We recorded at a studio called Farm Fresh, down the street from my house. It’s in the shade of the oldest poplar tree in Indiana. There’s a graveyard next to it and train tracks run across there. In fact, I think you can hear the train on one track on this record. The studio’s in an old church, and the main sanctuary is the tracking room, so the haunting reverb that you hear is that room”.

The Front Porch Sessions


  1. We Deserve a Happy Ending
  2. When My Baby Left Me
  3. Shakey Shirley
  4. What You Did To The Boy Aint Right
  5. One Bad Shoe
  6. It's All Night
  7. One More Thing
  8. Flying Squirrels
  9. Let Your Light Shine
  10. When You Lose Your Money
  11. Cornbread And Butterbeans