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Monument Valley

stafford bawler, obfusc & grigori


opaque blue & white coloured 2lp

Released: 25th Aug 2017

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The meditative ambience and melodic experimentations of Stafford Bawler, OBFUSC, and Grigori provide the perfect backdrop to the game’s elegant interactive experience.

In partnership with developer ustwo, iam8bit presents the soundtrack to the award-winning game, Monument Valley as a 2xLP vinyl set. This collector’s item is the first time that Volume 1 of the soundtrack has been available in physical form, and is also the debut of Volume 2, featuring music from the game’s expansions Forgotten Shores and Ida’s Dream.


stafford bawler, obfusc & grigori


  1. Amateur Cartography
  2. The Garden
  3. Hidden Temple
  4. The Ghost
  5. Water Palace
  6. The Spire
  7. The Labyrinth
  8. The Rookery
  9. The Box
  10. The Descent
  11. Observatory
  12. At Journey's End
  13. Sounds From Shattered Seashells
  14. Inverted Island
  15. Oceanic Glow
  16. Ida's Theme
  17. The Chasm
  18. Forgotten Shores
  19. Untold Stories
  20. The Serpent Lake
  21. The Thief
  22. Halcyon Court
  23. The Lost Falls
  24. The Citadel of Deceit
  25. The Oubliette
  26. Nocturne
  27. Haunted
  28. Dreaming
  29. Xen
  30. An Old Friend
  31. Ascension