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A Field in England (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Invada Records

froasted clear 2lp + download

Released: 19th Apr 2019


Jim Williams’ score to the Ben Wheatley film, ‘A Field In England’.

Ben Wheatley’s black-and-white chamber horror, set amidst the strange margins of the English Civil War, is a puzzling, inexplicable nightmare, made all the more disturbing by Williams’ spare, brooding score of early music textures that gradually morph into electro-psychedelic overload, aided by Martin Pavey’s sound design and, in one terrifying sequence, the use of Blanck Mass’s ‘Chernobyl’. Previously released on Rook Films as a 400 copy limited run, the prices on the black market have risen to over £250 per copy.

A Field in England (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


  1. Introduction
  2. Walk To My Still Beating
  3. Mind
  4. Metallic Fields I (Part)
  5. Baloo My Boy (Vocal: Richard Glover)
  6. Two Question
  7. Metallic Fields I (Part Reprise)
  8. Pleasant Without
  9. Scurrility
  10. Walking Here Two
  11. Shadows Went
  12. Metallic Fields I (Part)
  13. Chernobyl
  14. Ring A Ring A Roses
  15. A Happy Band
  16. Cheek To Bentside
  17. Flux Of Time
  18. Walking Here Two
  19. Shadows Went (Reprise)
  20. The Damp Of Hell
  21. Metallic Fields I (Full Version)
  22. Walk To My Still Beating
  23. Heart
  24. Baloo My Boy (Vocal: Jim Williams)
  25. Metallic Fields I (Part)