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limited 'SONIC BLUE' 180G 3LP

Released: 27th Sep 2019

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The original Japanese score from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game, newly remastered and pressed on vinyl for the first time! An officially licensed SEGA product.

SONIC CD (also known as Sonic the Hedgehog CD) was originally released in 1993 for SEGA’s Mega-CD system. Based around a unique time travel concept, SONIC CD is the most non-linear of the classic Sonic games and the music, composed by Naofumi Hataya and Masfumi Ogata, brilliantly reflects the shifting tones and alternate paths of the game. The score accompanied both the Japanese and European versions of the game, but was subsequently re-written (by different composers) for the US release. This remastered edition of the original Japanese score is presented as a triple 180g vinyl LP in a heavyweight single pocket sleeve, with a newly arranged track list based around the game’s different “Time Zones,” to provide a different listening experience from previous releases. It is accompanied by three double-sided art prints, featuring original artwork from the SEGA archives, exclusive liner notes by composer Naofumi Hataya, a bespoke etching design on Side F and a download code for the album in both lossy and lossless formats.



  1. Title
  2. Little Planet
  3. Palmtree Panic
  4. Collision Chaos
  5. Tidal Tempest
  6. Zone Clear
  7. Quartz Quadrant
  8. Wacky Workbench
  9. Stardust Speedway
  10. Metallic Madness
  11. Special Stage
  12. Palmtree Panic “G” mix
  13. Collision Chaos “G” mix
  14. Tidal Tempest “G” mix
  15. Quartz Quadrant “G” mix
  16. Wacky Workbench “G” mix
  17. Stardust Speedway “G” Mix
  18. Metallic Madness “G” mix
  19. Boss!!
  20. Palmtree Panic “P” mix
  21. Collision Chaos “P” mix
  22. Tidal Tempest “P” mix
  23. Quartz Quadrant “P” mix
  24. Wacky Workbench “P” mix
  25. Stardust Speedway “P” mix
  26. Metallic Madness “P” mix
  27. Speed Up!!
  28. Palmtree Panic “B” mix
  29. Collision Chaos “B” mix
  30. Tidal Tempest “B” mix
  31. Quartz Quadrant “B” mix
  32. Wacky Workbench “B” mix
  33. Stardust Speedway “B” mix
  34. Metallic Madness “B” mix
  35. Invincible!!
  36. Final Fever
  37. Game Over