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Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators

Super Star-Disco Rockers

pressure sounds


Released: 2nd Mar 2018


McCook recorded extensively for Bunny Lee, and this release is a strong showcase for his meditational style of playing.

The track ‘Lamb’s Bread Herb’, a reworked version of Yabby You’s ‘Death Trap’ with an overdubbed ‘steppers’ drum pattern, is a mystical highlight. Bunny Lee: “When Tommy join up with Bobby Ellis on trumpet, that is when he develop what we call his ‘far east’ sound. And especially when he play flute like on ‘Death Trap’ it give it that ‘far east’ sound. Or sometimes Tommy play clarinet for a different flavour. But mostly he play the tenor sax with that deeper, lower tone, like on ‘Tommy’s Rocking Vibration’ – hear that big horn there!” 'Super Star-Disco Rockers' has not been repressed since it’s original release.

Super Star-Disco Rockers


  1. The Night Rose of Sherron
  2. African Jumpers
  3. Rasta a the master
  4. Lamb’s Bread Herb
  5. Herb & Honey
  6. Macka Dub Rock
  7. Tommy Rocking Vibration
  8. Disco Rockers
  9. Roots of Africa
  10. The Bionic Horn