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bristol reggae explosion

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Released: 15th Jun 2018


this compilation is the perfect introduction to the vibrant underground reggae scene that flourished in Bristol and bears testimony to the talents of the city’s original bass sound.

Despite many hurdles, the late 70’s and early 80’s was a time that allowed the music to thrive as a voice for a mostly disenfranchised black Bristolian community centred around the inner-city areas of St. Pauls and Easton. The rich vein of recordings made against the odds and ranging from roots through dub to Lovers’ Rock, struck a chord with a worldwide audience, this album painting a vivid picture of a scene that was in danger of being forgotten and lost to history.

bristol reggae explosion


  1. Africa (Is Our Land) - Joshua Moses
  2. Times Are Getting Harder - Bunny Marrett
  3. Rise Up - Joshua Moses
  4. Takin' The Strain (Cave Mix) – Talisman
  5. Riot - 3-D Production
  6. Four Point Plan – Restriction
  7. Twelve Tribes - Zion Band
  8. Jah Praises - Revelation Rockers
  9. Wicked Men (Dub) - Alfred McIntosh
  10. Dole Age (7" Mix) – Talisman
  11. Chant Down Bobby Rome - Popsy Curious
  12. Playhouse - Cool Runnings
  13. I'm Free - Bunny Marrett
  14. You Can't Pay Me - Cool Runnings
  15. My Love – Vibes
  16. Mr. Guy - Sharon Bengamin
  17. Peacemaker - Dennis McCalla