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POPCORN LUNG: A Polytechnic Youth collection

polytechnic youth

very limited lp (500 only)

Released: 14th Dec 2018

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this exquisite compilation brings together a richly assembled cast of exclusives and a previously lathe-cut-only gem, exhibiting some of the best that the label has to offer.

Rare are the free flowing, fluid compilations that flow effortlessly as opposed to some hastily cobbled together assorted odds n’ sods full length. This - much like its predecessor label collection “They Make No Say” – excels in its cohesiveness. A heady mix of full-on synth pop, darker more industrial electronic textures through kosmische / kraut grooves to whacked-out electronic pop then back; styles may alter but the free-flowing vibe remains incredibly high throughout. This is A fabulous album, which on one hand acts as a perfect intro to the label for newcomers, it also more than pleases older hands in equal measure.

POPCORN LUNG: A Polytechnic Youth collection