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Stiff Upper Lip

Sony Music CMG


Released: 14th Apr 2007


180g lp

Released: 14th Apr 2014

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a simple, addictive, hard album, bursting with bold riffs & bolstered by a crunching, thrillingly visceral sound.

ac/dc's 15th studio album, may not reach the heights of ‘back in black’ or ‘highway to hell’, but it delivers strongly & satisfyingly. sure, there are absolutely no new ideas, but that's the point. ac/dc know their strengths & they embrace them. & why shouldn't they? nobody writes a better riff than malcolm & angus young; each song has a riff so catchy, it feels like you've heard it for years. is there anything earth-shaking? hardly, but it's largely terrific nonetheless, just because ac/dc are so good at what they do.

Stiff Upper Lip