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Sharon Shannon

Sacred Earth



Released: 14th Apr 2017


“just mad enough that it might work”; this is an insanely inventive album that left us jolly and full of wonder from start to finish.

Well-known for her arrangements of traditional Irish tunes and Irish-influenced compositions, she often cheerfully mixes in unexpected styles from around the world, including – for the first time - Africa. Blues, North and West African music and reggae sit easily with her dancing rhythm in this album that examines the ancient connections from South and East to West and back again. she has always been eager to explore new styles, and to meet and work with other musicians. It's her free-wheeling approach that makes Sharon Shannon so exciting.“Sacred Earth will delight Irish trad enthusiasts, and will charm people who think they hate trad” 4.5 – pure m.


Sacred Earth


  1. Rusheen Bay
  2. Sacred Earth
  3. The Machine
  4. Bas Pelles
  5. Pull Out The Stops
  6. He'll Have To Go
  7. Frenchie's Reel
  8. The Merry Widow
  9. Let's Go
  10. Sea Shepherd
  11. The Bull Fiddle