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Tom Armstrong

The Sky Is An Empty Eye (2017 reissue)



Released: 28th Apr 2017



Released: 28th Apr 2017


his self-released 1987 lp sports blissed-out acoustic numbers, some electric workouts & even a deep-psych vocal tune – it’s wonderful to hear a master figuring things out as he’s going along.

Tom's main mode of distribution for the album was handing the LP out to drunks at a bar. thankfully, it’s now a little easier to get our hands on. “My wife bought me a Tascam 4 track recorder for my birthday, I went crazy with it. Recorded a bunch of melodies that had been rattling around my brain since I was 8 years old. it wasn't too hard to track down a studio to master my 4 tracks. I continued to record for about another 10 years, blues rock, pop. Really refined my recording skills. Still play once in a while, but I'm an old fart now, with all the baggage that entails”


The Sky Is An Empty Eye (2017 reissue)