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mark fosson

Solo Guitar

Drag City


Released: 28th Jul 2017



Released: 28th Jul 2017


he showcases his incredible fingerpicking virtuosity on melodies that have a deep narrative in them – a magical listen.

after 50 years as a musician, this record sees him craft pieces of sparkling, nimble fingerstyle with an eclectic vision. As the title implies, this time Mark is focused on the austerity of the guitar, plain & simple, to bring out the music. Whether on six- or twelve-string, his sure touch is transported by crystal-clear recordings that belie their down-home origins, as they catch the contours of every string as it is pressed, bent & struck - a full-bodied sound projecting soulful dips down into bass strings & shimmering upper register runs with equal power. The air around these performances is coloured with curving waves of steel-stringed beauty & the pungency of free-wheeling wit & recollection.


Solo Guitar


  1. The Creeper
  2. Miss My Baby
  3. Once Was A Time
  4. Mister Perkins
  5. Blue March Improvisation
  6. Wankomatic
  7. Noodlin’ On The East Fork
  8. Chineham Wood
  9. Still Ain’t Got No Home