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the brothers briggs

the brothers briggs

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Released: 4th Aug 2017


these Three brothers invite us to the darker, stranger side of folk, contorting traditional ballads into warped and fascinating new incarnations.

Singing songs they've sung as far back as they can remember, the brothers take traditional folk tunes and twist them in strange new musical directions. Elements such as psychedelia, electronics, field recordings and 70s prog rock combine to create a weird and unique sounding collection. “Rather than recreate the songs in a traditional style, we have gone for an impressionistic take on the music; reflective of our relationship with it. We chose to bring out some of the darker elements that used to scare us as kids. We've always been interested in the darker aspects of folk music (as well as being easily spooked!) so this suits us fine."


the brothers briggs


  1. Bitter Withy
  2. The Hunter
  3. Sandy Daw
  4. Maid On The Shore
  5. The Painful Plough
  6. Barbary Allen
  7. Reynardine
  8. Soul Cake
  9. When Fortune Turns The Wheel