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Jon Boden




Released: 6th Oct 2017



Released: 6th Oct 2017


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Released: 6th Oct 2017

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his first studio release since calling an end to Bellowhead, it’s a powerful record of punchy ballads that communicate glorious, rolling pastoral vistas & an intense joie de vivre.

Whereas ‘Floodplain’ largely dealt with the rural setting, ‘Afterglow’ looks to juxtapose this & immerse the listener within a post-apocalyptic street carnival - a location of decaying buildings, burning oil drums & homemade fireworks, in which Boden tells the story of two lovers trying to find one another. Speaking about the album concept, Boden says: "Like my previous album ‘Songs From The Floodplain’, ‘Afterglow’ imagines a near-future world where the luxuries & comfort of 21st century life have become scarce, & a harder, simpler existence now prevails. ‘Afterglow’ is the story of a couple who are trying to find each other in the middle of a bonfire-night street carnival in a crumbling, derelict city."




  1. Moths In The Gas Light
  2. Afterglow
  3. Bee Sting
  4. Wrong Side Of Town
  5. Fires Of Midnight
  6. All The Stars Are Coming Out Tonight
  7. Dancing In The Ruin
  8. Burning Streets
  9. Yellow Lights
  10. Aubade