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Edgelarks (Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin)




Released: 6th Oct 2017


they combine traditional musics of the British Isles, Indian classical slide guitar, and stomping roots to whip up a storm of music both ancient and original in feel.

The pair play in alt-roots outfit The Roots Union, travelling from festival to festival, tent to tent, wandering the highways, byways, and old forgotten pathways of these islands. They follow in the ancient troubadour tradition, picking up tunes, songs and stories along the way. ‘Edgelarks’, talks about places and people of transition and change, inspired by the road and the people of the land. if you like seth lakeman's sweeping works, you'll love this.




  1. Landlocked
  2. No Victory
  3. Signposts
  4. Undelivered
  5. Yarl’s Wood
  6. Caravans
  7. Estren
  8. Iceberg
  9. Song Of The Jay
  10. Borders
  11. What’s The Life Of A Man?
  12. The Good Earth