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Melrose Quartet




Released: 10th Nov 2017


the Sheffield folk supergroup presents a bold take on old and new English songs and tunes, with a powerful treatment of traditional material alongside some of the best modern song-writing in the folk world.

All four are internationally renowned singers, instrumentalists, and writer/composers. This record expands and strengthens the musical presence they first asserted with “Fifty Verses”, their 2014 BBC Folk Award-nominated debut. Powerhouse instrumentals of the highest calibre sit alongside bold four-part harmony songs, most with great choruses. They reliably delight and tantalise their audiences with the infectious warmth and sparkle these four seasoned musicians feel when they unite. The recording combines traditional songs and new songs by Nancy Kerr and Jess Arrowsmith, and speaks of love, loss and above all community. Recommended for fans of lankum, stick in the wheel, or cara Dillon.



  1. Mariah’s Gone
  2. Dominion Of The Sword
  3. A Generous Man
  4. Carthy’s March
  5. Hand Me Down
  6. ‘Ware Out Mother
  7. Anthem Of A Working Mum
  8. Low Quebec
  9. Seeds Of Love
  10. Rise No More
  11. Davy Cross
  12. Gallery/Venus
  13. Good Intentions
  14. Rosslyn Castle
  15. Raise Your Voice