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Karine Polwart With Pippa Murphy

A Pocket Of Wind Resistance



Released: 17th Nov 2017

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this studio adaptation of her lauded theatrical production is a philosophically engaging story told through earthy, gaelic music that clears the senses and invigorates the spirit.

Karine wrote, musically directed, and performed ‘Wind Resistance’ for the stage. Karine says; “it’s a hymn to mothers and birthing, to the proffering of sanctuary, to the miracle of medicine, and a reminder, a warning, about the consequences of isolating and forgetting.” warm breezes of harp and marimba offer musical backgrounds to ancient melodies. More specifically, ‘The Moor Speaks’; as harp, bass and layers of vocal deliver an inventory of sphagnum mosses that comes across like an invocation, all framed in Pippa’s setting of Gaelic hymn and field recordings. recommended if you like Julie fowlis.

A Pocket Of Wind Resistance


  1. All on a Summer’s Evening
  2. The Moor Speaks
  3. Lark in the Clear Air
  4. Labouring and Resting
  5. Tyrannic Man’s Dominion
  6. Place to Rest and Mend
  7. A Benedicti on
  8. Small Consolati on
  9. White Old Woman of the Night
  10. Sphagnum Mass for a Dead Queen
  11. Lullaby for a Lost Mother
  12. Remember the Geese
  13. Molly Sime’s Welcome to Salter’s Road
  14. We are all Bog Born