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Erlend Apneseth




Released: 5th Jan 2018

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Traditionally rooted, in recent years Apneseth has made the contemporary / improvised music scene his home - this is a collection of dark, global folk from the venerable Hardanger fiddle player.

“Nattsongar” was composed as a commissioned work for the Forde International Folk Music Festival in 2016 and was given its world premiere there. Together with his exceptionally skilled band, Apneseth combines musical elements from the four corners of the globe, from the gentle and intangible to the rhythmic and playful. “Erlend Apneseth is a virtuoso on his eight stringed violin, the Hardanger fiddle, which is plucked, stroked, tweaked and bowed at the core of this exploration of its capabilities" - The Arts Desk, "Always adventurous, occasionaly startling, and frequently hauntingly beautiful" - fRoots



  1. Klagesong
  2. Orkensong
  3. Oasia
  4. Tom’s Tune
  5. Ingenmannsland
  6. Dei reisande
  7. Herifra
  8. Django Viken
  9. Nattsong