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Ghost Music

I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here



Released: 19th Jan 2018



Released: 19th Jan 2018


their debut sees them creating meticulous, considered songs, they weave lo-fi lullabies with gliding guitars and understated arrangements to absorb us irresistibly into their world.

their music is effortlessly emotive, melancholic and affecting, creating a world of sound that is hugely reassuring and a tonic for the modern age. they explore themes of nature, love, loss and a melancholic English romanticism embellished with beautifully spectral melodies and executed with startling subtlety. echoing beloved bands from the 90s such as Pavement (“Home Dog” has a definite “Range Life” feel), Galaxie 500 (“Blindspot”), Yo La Tengo (“Heart Shaped Holiday” is influenced by the languid YLT songs that peak after a short intro) and even old-school rock’n’roll (“Strange Love” was born out of an appreciation for the instantly engaging opening riff in 50s songs).

I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here


  1. Home Dog
  2. Heart Shaped Holiday
  3. Strange Love
  4. We Could Get Along
  5. This Kingdom One
  6. Blindspot
  7. Let's Meet
  8. Queen of England
  9. Gurl In A Whorl
  10. Blackbird Stars
  11. Close Your Eyes
  12. My Cloud
  13. I'm No