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John Bramwell

Leave Alone The Empty Spaces



Released: 2nd Feb 2018


the I Am Kloot frontman’s solo debut is a stunning showcase of John’s skillful, widely acclaimed songwriting unique voice.

It’s the first completely new collection of songs by John as a solo artist since he started his adventures away from I Am Kloot. The album is inspired by the spirit of liberty, independence, adventure and solitude that John has enjoyed on the road, as well as the diverse emotions that escape and travel can bring about - from sadness to exhilaration. It’s about rediscovering the romance, intimacy and magic of the live music experience, one to one with the audience. if you’re a fan of Richard Hawley, steve mason, or guy garvey’s solo work, you should check this out.

Leave Alone The Empty Spaces


  1. A Field full of Secrets
  2. Who Is Anybody
  3. Times Arrow
  4. From The Shore
  5. Sat Beneath the Lightning Tree
  6. The Whipperwill
  7. Tallulah
  8. Leave Alone The Empty Spaces
  9. Meet At The Station