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Trembling Bells


Tin Angel Records


Released: 30th Mar 2018



Released: 30th Mar 2018


the Glaswegian folk rock quintet deliver a texturally rich album that intersperses its easy-going guitar athletics with more darkly psychedelic excursions, giving the record a shape & trajectory that left us breathless.

When Trembling Bells’ Alex Neilson makes music, he thinks of it in less certifiable terms than structure, key or tempo. On ‘Big Nothing’, the opening track to this, their seventh album, he wanted the chords “to sound gigantic & degraded, like a building collapsing in slow motion. Or a rusted structure in the middle of the sea”. “Wild & rebellious British folk band enter adolescence with a howl of song & a glint in the eye […] The music is a mixture of avant-garde racket & crossover doom-pop potential – fans of PJ Harvey, Nick Cave or Nadine Shah will find entertainments here”. folk album of the month – 4/5 – the guardian.



  1. Big Nothing
  2. Knockin' On The Coffin
  3. My Father Was A Collapsing Star
  4. Death Knocked At My Door
  5. Christ's Entry Into Govan
  6. The Prophet
  7. Devil In Dungeness
  8. This Is How The World Will End
  9. I'm Coming
  10. Rebecca, Dressed As A Waterfall