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Blackbeard's Tea Party




Released: 13th Apr 2018


On this record, the band dramatise a whaling industry that brought many whale species to the brink of extinction by ploughing their own distinctive furrow of arresting folk rock - a sound that is bigger and badder than ever.

Across five tracks, the band depict the industry’s promises of profit and glory, the power and might of whales, the adrenaline of the hunt, and the tragic bloody realities of a whaler’s life at sea. Moving away from hand percussion, the interlocking rhythms are now provided by two drum-kits, a choice which adds power to the band’s sound and accentuates the band’s rockier edge. But while they contemporise British folk, they stay grounded in traditional source material, displaying both accomplished musicianship and their flair for compelling storytelling. fans of bellowhead, jon boden and Faustus will love this.



  1. The Diamond
  2. DLFN
  3. Leviathan!
  4. The Lost Triangle
  5. Weary Whaling Ground