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Hadley McCall Thackston

Hadley McCall Thackston


CD (pre-order)

Expected Release: 6th Jul 2018


It was an act of social media fate that coincided with Hadley’s trajectory which brought some cool, random threads together.

Her best childhood friend, Wyeth Wood, finally convinced to post a clip of a porch performance on Facebook. Within minutes, David Corley -- a long-time friend of Hadley’s mother -- happened to catch the clip and sent it off to his producer Hugh Christopher Brown. Brown reached out and before Hadley knew it, she ditched her tentative plans to record a demo or two in Nashville and landed on Wolfe Island, Ontario, with a hat box full of songs. In this alt-country chanteuse-songwriter’s mind, timeless is always contemporary, whether she is writing and singing about her personal views on spirituality (“RedBird”), her search for love and romance (“Somehow”) or her feelings on social justice issues (“Change”). The music and arrangements flow and shift seamlessly with every sentiment, all the while gently crossing genre boundaries - as with the breezy, jazzy feel of “Ghost” or her pop/Motown-infused groove on “Ellipsis” with lyrics that reflect her quirky charm. The album closes with “Last Mountain Waltz,” a beautiful ode to her beloved late grandparents and the majestic mountains surrounding their home in South Carolina. “Hadley McCall Thackston’s debut album is utterly charming. Excellent songs and great musical arrangements. “Change” is a pretty damn effective plea for social justice. Take note Americana fans, especially if you’re a fan of Jolie Holland or the Be Good Tanyas.” - Sam Gazdziak/Country Universe

Hadley McCall Thackston


  1. Butterfly
  2. ellipses
  3. Redbird
  4. Somehow
  5. Change
  6. Wallaces’ Song (Sage Bush)
  7. Devil Or Angel
  8. No
  9. Ghost
  10. Last Mountain Waltz