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Hadley McCall Thackston

Hadley McCall Thackston



Released: 6th Jul 2018


The music and arrangements flow and shift seamlessly with her every sentiment, all the while gently crossing genre boundaries, from breezy jazz through to pop/Motown-infused grooves and lyrics that reflect her quirky charm.

In this alt-country chanteuse-songwriter’s mind, timeless is always contemporary, whether she’s writing and singing about her personal views on spirituality, her search for love and romance or her feelings on social justice issues. “Hadley McCall Thackston’s debut album is utterly charming. Excellent songs and great musical arrangements. “Change” is a pretty damn effective plea for social justice. Take note Americana fans, especially if you’re a fan of Jolie Holland or the Be Good Tanyas.” - Sam Gazdziak/Country Universe.

Hadley McCall Thackston


  1. Butterfly
  2. ellipses
  3. Redbird
  4. Somehow
  5. Change
  6. Wallaces’ Song (Sage Bush)
  7. Devil Or Angel
  8. No
  9. Ghost
  10. Last Mountain Waltz