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New Magic

Epitaph UK


Released: 15th Sep 2017


indies only blue lp + download

Released: 15th Sep 2017


creatively, he’s stretched out far beyond the reaches of his debut, fusing elements of blues, gospel, old-school r&b and rock n roll to create a lushly smooth and inventive soul record.

his songs are deconstructions of the diaspora of American R&B. The song that serves as the album’s true centrepiece is “Blue Magic,” a Philly Soul inspired number deconstructed almost like a rap song or the best of production savants like J Dilla or Madlib, complete with chiming glockenspiel bells and old school female backing vocals. The song has the appeal of an instant classic. “His voice of loss is shrouded in inventive production: sepulchral, soulful and head-noddingly cool.” – UNCUT.


New Magic