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Sandra NKAKE


jazz village


Released: 15th Sep 2017

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Amazing voice and fiery temperament, singer / songwriter / actress Sandra Nkaké is a musical UFO.

Soul diva, prodigious performer, crazy rocker, she creates a universe that is constantly reinventing itself: blending pop, soul and jazz with talent and unparalleled inventiveness. On this new album with its cosmic feel, Sandra Nkaké commentates an imaginary day-to-day life. Cultivating a lyrical form of soul and a brand of folk-influenced pop, she describes characters who have an appointment with the Moon and make wishes when it turns red. This powerful and introspective world has generated a collection of minimalist songs, recorded in ‘live’ conditions and couched in a stylish sound co-designed by Jî Drû. This poetic and up-beat record is also an antidote to the torments of the world.



  1. The Dawn
  2. Dreaming
  3. Hope
  4. Mon Coeur
  5. Un Voeu
  6. Change
  7. Fly
  8. The Last Journey
  9. Nuit
  10. L’Appel
  11. Maybe
  12. The Dusk
  13. Lune Rousse