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Astrid & Rachel Grimes

Through The Sparkle



Released: 1st Sep 2017


limited (500 only) 180g lp

Released: 1st Sep 2017

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These compositions glow with a unique, connected energy and a pure, instinctive musical understanding.

a record of miniature symphonies and elegant restraint, this collaboration between French ensemble Astrïd and American pianist/composer Rachel Grimes is a spellbinding affair. Considered contributions from all sides allow the pieces to unfurl naturally. Each note and phrase feels like it simply couldn’t be placed anywhere else in the album. Charming, gentle and cinematic sounds are found here in abundance. Melodies circle and reveal themselves without force, allowing the listener to focus and explore the depths of what is on offer. Musically, Through the Sparkle is an expansive and evocative album. Strings and woodwind coalesce around intricate piano and guitar movements creating a wealth of harmony and melancholy.


Through The Sparkle


  1. The Herald en Masse
  2. M5
  3. The Theme
  4. Mossgrove & Seaweed
  5. Hollis
  6. M1
  7. Le Petit Salon