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Otto Lindholm



very limited lp + download

Released: 13th Oct 2017


the double bassist/electronic producer has crafted a record that experiments with heavy atmosphere & brooding, hypnotic textures, drawing us deep into his mysterious world.

Divided into four colour-inspired, long-form movements, A deep, resonating bass is present throughout - hinting at the likes of Greek, chamber-doom merchants Mohammad. The record moves at a funereal pace & opener ‘Fauve’ hits abyssal depths from the outset. A bowed melody is coaxed through the throbbing bass with dissonant harmonics drawing you in & holding you close. The ghostly beginnings of ‘Alyscamps’ create an overwhelmingly tense atmosphere where acoustic & electronic elements collide & evolve into a heaving, ceremonious drone. Shafts of light emerge through the fog but the tone remains a haunted one. Closer, ‘Heliotrope’, strikes a more hopeful note. A lighter, more open feel emerges - bringing to mind early work of rachel’s or Deaf Center.



  1. Fauve
  2. Lehena
  3. Alyscamps
  4. Heliotrope