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Ceramic TL + Ipek Gorgun

Perfect Lung

halocline trance

limited white lp

Released: 24th Nov 2017


this collaborative album comprises Seven songs of original, accidental music that span colour and feeling; the petroleum psychedelia of Ceramic TL framed by Gorgun’s precise and emotional landscapes.

Inhaling/exhaling full register slabs hint at the multi-dimensionality of optimism and voicelessness...multiple things in multiple ways. Chill melodies plod then dissolve entirely like a casual toil. Moments of clarity glint through piles of junk; total quantity mimics eruptions of precious material - an unrealistic examination of the concept of material value as defined by its relative scarcity...this album is a lot.

Perfect Lung


  1. tactics is hench
  2. activator, the actualizer
  3. we lack the clout the decision isn’t ours to make, there was no crusade after all
  4. the story of our salvation
  5. magnitude of oblivion, refrain of pacific calm
  6. aerosol tropics
  7. perfect lung polymer earth
  8. we were big they were small, we used to be crucial