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Released: 17th Nov 2017


2LP + download

Released: 17th Nov 2017


a stream of ruthless moments piano compositions forms the piano virtuoso’s third full-length outing, as man and instrument dissipate into one fluid musical substance.

we witness the transformation of closeness and intimacy into vastness and force and that there is beauty to be found in everything; especially in the ephemeral. Consequently, ‘strom’ brings forth manifold forms of itself, appearing hazy and perilous, in the next instant direct, almost playful to ultimately appear awestruck in the face of its own gravity. After two albums featuring just himself and the piano, he has dropped the deeply ingrained patterns and connections to the instrument and developed a new naturalness of playing electronic instruments and effects, just as if they were another couple of keys on the keyboard. recommended if you like Hauschka, gareth sager or nils frahm.



  1. NOA
  2. KSY
  3. DOM
  4. HEA
  5. TAR
  6. EJA
  7. AMS
  8. CHA
  9. JIN