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Released: 10th Nov 2017


this compiles 80 minutes of her most evocative work, composed and recorded between 1982-1988, for the first authorised overview of the enigmatic composer.

Otherworldly and anomalous, hushed and hallucinatory, her unique style of inner space music reaches across time to futures and pasts far from our own. Apart from its mysteries, Strom’s curiosity for the non-present was also suffused with a social bent. She believed that humanity was confined by its inability to access the people of the future, therefore suffering in a kind of group solipsism. Designing a world of music that rooted itself in all times but the present, Strom’s alter ego, the Trans-Millenia Consort, became a musical activist for triggering this state of heightened consciousness. we recommend if you like jd Emmanuel, Joanna brouk, or hiroshi yoshimura.



  1. Freedom At the 45th Floor
  2. Virgin Ice
  3. In Flight Suspension
  4. Bonsai Terrace
  5. Energies
  6. Mushroom Trip
  7. Cruising Altitude 36,000 Feet
  8. Spatial Spectre
  9. Warriors of the Sun
  10. Rain On Ancient Quays
  11. Morning Splendor
  12. The Unveiling
  13. Gossamer Silk