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Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno

Finding Shore

Dead Oceans


Released: 8th Dec 2017


limited blue lp + download

Released: 8th Dec 2017

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their partnership marries rogerson’s transportive, cosmic piano chords with eno’s far-seeing, technological imagination, resulting in richly evocative, floating soundscapes that blur the line between live instrumentation & synthesised experimentation .

After stints playing jazz in New York, a dilapidated fenland hotel & in noise rock band Three Trapped Tigers, Rogerson ran into Eno at a gig. the pair soon entered the studio & worked with The Piano Bar, a device that converted the sound of the piano into midi signals, which were then further manipulated. “It was this classic Eno, almost scientific thing,” Rogerson says now, “He always finds a system that can be a source of creativity […] That ‘is it organic or is it electronic thing’ is so interesting.”

Finding Shore


  1. Idea of Order at Kyson Point
  2. Motion in Field
  3. On-ness
  4. March Awa
  5. Eastern Stack
  6. Minor Rift
  7. The Gabbard
  8. Red Slip
  9. Quoit Blue
  10. Marsh Chorus
  11. An Iken Loop
  12. Chain Home
  13. Rest