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Alexandre Bazin

Sun Dog Trail

polytechnic youth

limited (400 only) lp

Released: 24th Nov 2017

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bazin is a composer based in Paris, and his work considers ‘the sonic experience’, drawing on a rich mix of acoustic instrumentation and analogue synthesis.

With “Sun Dog Trail”, bazin merges several inspirations; the influence of experimental electronic music, Bernard Parmegiani, and the blues with musicians like John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters (trivia: English drummer Tim Wellers (The Divine Comedy) guests on drums here). The end result is an experience that combines Bazin's usual musical fusions with experimental and blues forms, taking the listener on multiple adventurous journeys. gear fans: expect to hear rare instruments such as an EMS VCS3 synth, Buchla musical easel, Minimoog, and Cristal Baschet.

Sun Dog Trail