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The Impossibility

polytechnic youth

limited (300 only) lp

Released: 24th Nov 2017


here we have another brilliant kosmische transmission from the polytechnic youth label, with Stephen James Buckley conjuring up some haunted space music using an ever-expanding mound of synthesizers, samplers, and old tape recorders.

Bleak, icy drones give way to 1970's Sci-Fi synth lines, throbbing bass rumbles ominously beneath a psychedelic haze of wistful melody and disembodied voices. this one is inspired, as you would expect, by the destruction of the planet Earth by the human race, the early works of JG Ballard, Tarkovsky's “Stalker”, conspiracy theories, and places where the rules of time and space are brought into question. riyl ghost box records and the likes of pye corner audio!

The Impossibility