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Ellen Arkbro

For organ and brass

Subtext Recordings


Released: 15th Dec 2017


One of 2017’s most heralded avant-compositional albums, this comprises of two works by the Stockholm-based artist who delivers a masterclasses in tuning, intonation and harmonic modulation.

conceived as “very slow and reduced blues music” the work moves gradually through a series of long, sustained tones played by the organ and in parallel by a brass trio comprised of horn, tuba, and trombone. it’s meditative and moving stuff, and comes highly recommended if you enjoy kara-lis coverdale, steve reich, le monte young and brian eno. “Arkbro succeeds in creating magnetizing, thought-provoking work by turning the Western history of sound into a kind of raw material” 4* - tiny mix tapes

For organ and brass


  1. For organ and brass
  2. Three