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alva noto + Ryuichi sakamoto




Released: 16th Feb 2018


deluxe gatefold lp + download

Released: 16th Feb 2018


these two masters meet again for a deep ambient meditation - minimal and spatial - which is both barely music, and some of the most soul-penetrating music imaginable.

‘GLASS’ is a recording of an inspired live improvisation at the architect Philip Johnson's hallowed Glass House, in the bucolic setting of New Canaan, Connecticut. The structure's transparency and seamless continuity with nature was given another dimension by the addition of this performance, whereby the building, location and audio coalesced into one perfect, harmonious whole. Stylish, stunning and elegant, the duo's architectural sound design evokes and synergizes with the space creatively, acoustically and literally - by using the building's fabric as an instrument. “…though Glass has a lot of physicality to it, it’s gentle in the ways in which it fills our space with its presence. It’s a record one loops for the evening and unconsciously forgets about it, only to wonder what is missing when it stops playing” 4* - tinymixtapes



  1. 1. Glass