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This Is Where

This Is Where

Hallow Ground

LP + download

Released: 28th Sep 2018


the trio creates a mesmerising, blissful musical experience, using a never before heard approach to guitar-driven Drone & Ambient music.

As a logical next step after Westberg (swans guitarist) has presented on recent solo albums like ‘The All Most Quiet’ (also on hallow ground), it integrates 3 distinct musical visions into his whirling ocean of sound. theirs is neither dominated by the thundering brutalism of Swans - where also Kizys took over bass duties for a while - nor the gloomy Doom Pop of Wright’s ‘Bee & Flower’. Instead Kizys, Westberg & Wright use delay, reverb & effects to weave a pulsating web of sonic textures, moving effortlessly from dark depths to almost jubilant high notes. With Kizy’s roaring bass guitar as a sonic backdrop, Westberg & Wright give rise to a musical dialogue marked by density & tension.

This Is Where


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