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peter zummo




Released: 2nd Mar 2018


Featuring a stellar line up of musicians that include Arthur Russell, Bill Ruyle and Musiafa Ahmed and recorded live in single takes displays the American composer’s keen ear for rhythm and spontaneity.

In 1986 finding old pieces of work in his archive Zummo came across ‘Six Songs’ which was the basis for ‘Lateral Pass’ his award winning score for modern-dance choreographer Trisha Brown’s work of the same. Throughout the piece it mainly stays close to the original score, while from time to time using different lines and variations that the players would decide upon at the spur of the moment therefore changing the outlook of the piece.



  1. Song II: Left; On The Beat - Variations
  2. Song II: Right; Off The Beat
  3. Extract
  4. Song II: Left; On The Beat
  5. Song II: Right; Off The Beat - Negative Ions