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For Christian H

Biophon Records

super limited lp

Released: 23rd Feb 2018


this is a compilation album from the Arctic Norwegian city of Tromsø put together by ambient master biosphere, and is, dedicated to the memory of Christian Hollingsæter – the director of the Insomnia gaming festival.

it covers a gamut of styles from Ande Somby’s yoiking to the wistful space of Biosphere’s ‘Northern Oscillations’ and blue techno by Mental Overdrive. All 18 tracks have been gifted exclusively for the album, which arrives in a LIMITED EDITION LP of Only 100 copies.

For Christian H


  1. Final - Reptile Master
  2. Fjell - Blót
  3. Måsvær - Iran Mayem
  4. Hærfuglen - Pistol & Bart
  5. Northern Oscillations - Biosphere
  6. Hotel Am See - Kohib
  7. Sublime - Gaute Barlindhaug
  8. Domo - Mental Overdrive
  9. 4-track - Mørk
  10. Noise Control Part 2 - Autoband
  11. Christian - Ánde Somby