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A Journey (2018 REISSUE)

Black Editions)


Released: 25th May 2018

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Founded by master improviser Chie Mukai in 1981, the group challenges notions of song structure & improvisation, embracing a seemingly shambolic approach that, on closer listen, reveals a deeply coherent & surreal world.

Mukai’s choice of ancient stringed instruments including the er-hu & the kokyū as lead instruments further sets the group apart. Originally released in 1994, their second album - ‘A Journey’ – is a sprawling excursion through ethereal dreamscapes. The group performs a spontaneous, loose form of chamber pop that weaves folk & a light psychedelia into something entirely unique. The album invites listeners to take a journey through memories & dreams, to days gone by, to forests & mountain lakes, to haunting runs in the dark & bright morning illuminations. Mukai is a truly unique & distinct artist & it is with Ché-SHIZU that her voice has perhaps most clearly been realised.

A Journey (2018 REISSUE)


  1. Juso Station
  2. A Dream of Trousers
  3. Vestige / Shadow
  4. Tzitziki
  5. Nokogiriyama No Inu
  6. Nigihayahi
  7. A Broad Daylight
  8. Shaking by the Waves
  9. Actually
  10. Mariam Matrem
  11. Inperayritz
  12. Lovely on the Water
  13. A Journey 1, A Journey 2