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Laura Cannell & André Bosman


Brawl Records

CD (pre-order)

Expected Release: 13th Jul 2018


Reckonings is the debut album from experimental violinists Laura Cannell & André Bosman.

12th century melodies mingle with the drone of long sleeping Saxons, evoking medieval cultures on distant planets. Spontaneous composition and excursions to a medieval church capture their playing with no planning or shaping of the music beforehand, keeping the music vital and direct. Never in the building for more than half an hour, Reckonings is made up of visits through the seasons with wind rattling, sun burning and snow melting.Tracklisting



  1. Through the Plough the Steam Rises
  2. Trails
  3. Golden Lanes at Dusk
  4. Strands
  5. Reckonings
  6. Hearth