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Abul Mogard

Above All Dreams

ecstatic recordings


Released: 22nd Jun 2018

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A beautifully absorbing new album from the drone master, spreading its wings over 66 enveloping minutes of cinematic drift.

This is an uncommon beauty, of uncanny emotional resonance. From the gaseous bloom of ‘Quiet Dreams’ to the opiated depth of ‘Where Not Even to the starlit awn of Upon The Smallish Circulation’ , and through the B-side’s keeling, 16 minute+ panoramas of ‘Above All Dreams’ and ‘The Roof Falls’, the power of Abul Mogard’s dreams above all transcends sound, feeling and physics in a truly remarkable way that evades words or concrete notation. riyl william basinski, tim hecker, and sarah davachi.

Above All Dreams


  1. Quiet Dreams
  2. Where Not Even
  3. Upon The Smallish Circulation
  4. Over My Head
  5. Above All Dreams
  6. The Roof Falls