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dromilly vale ep

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v. ltd lp

Released: 28th Feb 2012

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5 brand new emissions from bristol's premier electronicist nick edwards.

opening with a glorious ode to the founder & oldest surviving member of the bbc radiophonic workshop, ‘dick mills blues’ we are deep inside a mournful place, lathered in digital vapour trails & infectious circuit-gunk. it soon drops a nod to king tubby down dromilly avenue, sliding the biggest drums this side of dub-kingston, slowly dissolving in pure liquid drift. rocketing onto the flip we are plunged into a headlong fizz of modular scorch with ‘neutronik’ & into the fractal chris & cosey cabaret of ‘jugglin' for jesus’, before our heads are gently assaulted in wave after wave of gaseous radiophonic noise with ‘clayton freak’. somewhere holed up inside these single-take, unique abstractions is the sound of pop-electronic. it beats roughly, strangely against the vinyl groove-wall, in sweet disharmony just waiting to be discovered by your stylus.                                        

dromilly vale ep


  1. dick mills blues
  2. soon
  3. neutronik
  4. Jugglin' For Jesus
  5. Clayton Freak