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The Cromlech Chronicles II

strange fish label

limited colour lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 2nd Jan 2018


It seemed a natural thing to do to follow up Sendelica’s highly-rated 'The Cromlech Chronicles' album with 'Cromlech II', so that's what the UK's best spacerock band have done.

but it's much more chilled than you might expect from the band if you've seen them play live this year, definitely more inner space than space rock; I'll let the band’s leader Pete Bingham explain. "After 2015's magical recording session at the Mwnci studio beside the ancient burial cromlech in West Wales, which resulted in the album Cromlech Chronicles, we decided to visit again in the summer of 2016 to see if we could weave the magic again. For many years I have been very intrigued by the 70's musical communes... especially some of the Japanese bands like 'Taj Mahal Travellers' who used such a wide variety of instruments and influences to create new and wonderful music & soundscapes. So with that ethos in mind we added some unusual personnel to the usual core of Sendelica for these recording sessions, bringing into the fold Cheryl Beer and her eclectic mix of instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, shaman drums, sansula, ting sha, mbira, wood blocks, Chinese gongs, shruti boxes and her sanskrit chanting. Also along for the musical ride was Kate Riaz on Cello, Jack Jackson on percussion and Colin Consterdine on electronics. Using loops of field recordings, the communal band set about improvising musical soundscapes. Chromlech Chronicles II is the finished product of those recordings."

The Cromlech Chronicles II


  1. Ripples of The Megaliths
  2. Even Though My Mouth Is Silent