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The Cromlech Chronicles II

strange fish label

limited purple 'marble effect' lp

Released: 2nd Jan 2018


the mercurial space rock travellers surprise and beguile on this genuinely gorgeous, meditative spin on their sound – akin to the astral projections of popol vuh, or the more cosmic of the contemporary classical set.

the hawkwind/Floyd touchstones are overturned here in favour of drifing ambience, non-didactic female vocals floating in and out of view, and plaintive eastern pluckings and plinkings. it makes for knockout trip of crossover appeal, its mystical glow recommended imbibement material for those schooled in both ambient and psychedelic sounds. riyl 70’s german kosmische, and the kranky and erased tapes rosters.

The Cromlech Chronicles II


  1. Ripples of The Megaliths
  2. Even Though My Mouth Is Silent