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Pissing Stars


180g lp + art print + download

Released: 2nd Feb 2018


the godspeed co-founder’s 2nd solo album is a captivating work of shimmering, experimental, analogue electronica that conjures up images of ghosts calling out from scrawling tv static – it’s eerie, yet melancholically peaceful, somehow.

this sees him at his most vulnerable & his most adventurous - with a timely narrative framework that only he could conjure: PISSING STARS is inspired by the brief romance of american television presenter MARY HART & MOHAMMED KHASHOGGI, the son of a saudi arms dealer. this record is about the dissolution of their relationship, & the way that certain stubborn lights endure. this record was made in various states of unease, with a brittle heart & a clear intent. Efrim is also known for his work with his chamber-punk band, thee silver mt. zion. “an album that unwinds, making you peel its layers slowly, reaping rewards along the way” 8/10 – soundblab.

Pissing Stars


  1. Black Flags Ov Thee Holy Sonne
  2. The State And Its Love And Genocide
  3. The Lion-Daggers Of Calais
  4. Kills v. Lies
  5. Hart_Kashoggi
  6. A Lamb In The Land Of Payday Loans
  7. LxOxVx / Shelter In Place
  8. The Beauty Of Children And The War Against The Poor
  9. Pissing Stars