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Anna Burch

Quit The Curse



Released: 2nd Feb 2018


lp + download

Released: 2nd Feb 2018


The song comes first on this debut that selects genre with precision & purpose, shifting from finger-popping, Nico-esque pop reveries, to slide-guitar country forays, to raucous garage rock explosions of angst, all underpinning a sweet & to-the-point vocal that’s unfailingly charming.

The nine songs that comprise 'Quit The Curse' come on sugary & upbeat, but their darker lyrical themes & serpentine song structures are tucked neatly into what seem at first just like uncommonly catchy tunes. Burch’s crystal clear vocal harmonies & gracefully crafted songs feel so warm & friendly that it’s easy to miss the lyrics about destructive relationships, daddy issues & substance abuse that cling like spiderwebs to the hooky melodies. If you like soccer mommy or rilo kiley, you need to hear this. “Frank & gratifying all the same, Burch’s tightly structured pop is an invigorating take on an evergreen sound.” – Pitchfork.

Quit The Curse


  1. 2 Cool 2 Care
  2. Tea-Soaked Letter
  3. Asking 4 a Friend
  4. Quit the Curse
  5. Belle Isle
  6. In Your Dreams
  7. What I Want
  8. Yeah You Know
  9. Wish You Every Day