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very (Further listening 1992-1994)


2cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 31st Aug 2018


Pet Shop Boys will release the final set of albums in their definitive ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’ series of reissues of all their Parlophone studio albums.

This fourth batch of releases will see the PSB albums ‘Behaviour’ from 1990, the 1993 album ‘Very’ and the 1996 album ‘Bilingual’ reissued on 31st August 2018. The albums have been remastered and repackaged, and will be accompanied by ‘Further listening’ albums of master quality bonus tracks - including demos, extended mixes and remixes of tracks from the albums and others created in the same period as each record. The 1993 album ‘Very’ was a number one record for Pet Shop Boys in the UK, and has to date sold in excess of five million copies worldwide. It contains 5 singles, including their cover of ‘Go West’ – a number 2 hit for PSB – and lead single ‘Can you forgive her?’. The album is also the first to be produced almost entirely by Pet Shop Boys themselves - with additional programming and production courtesy of Pete Gleadall and Stephen Hague. This ‘Catalogue’ issue of ‘Very’ includes a Further listening disc of bonus material, such as ‘Falling’ (a demo for Kylie Minogue), and a 1992 twelve-inch mix of ‘Go West’.

very (Further listening 1992-1994)


  1. Can You Forgive Her?
  2. I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
  3. Liberation
  4. A Different Point Of View
  5. Dreaming Of The Queen
  6. Yesterday, When I Was Mad
  7. The Theatre
  8. One And One Make Five
  9. To Speak Is A Sin
  10. Young Offender
  11. One In A Million
  12. Go West
  13. Go West (1992 Twelve-Inch Mix)
  14. Forever In Love
  15. Confidential (Demo For Tina)
  16. Hey, Headmaster
  17. Shameless
  18. Too Many People
  19. I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Seven-Inch Version)
  20. Violence (Haçienda Version)
  21. Falling (Demo For Kylie)
  22. Decadence
  23. If Love Were All
  24. Absolutely Fabulous (Single Version)
  25. Euroboy
  26. Some Speculation
  27. Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Single Version)
  28. Girls And Boys (Live In Rio)