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Released: 2nd Nov 2018

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From the very first notes of Prince John’s baroque and moody ballad “I Told Her” to Amsterdam’s “No One Really Cares” you’re thrown in a time capsule soundtrack filled with Harmony and Chamber Pop, Folk, Light-Sike sounds.

Compilations like this would probably have never existed before the Fading Yellow series opened the listener to such gentle moods. Lots of guitars, arpeggios, flutes and obvious references to young Paul Simon’ songwriting style, as well as airy West Coast Sunshine Pop and English Acid Folk permeate almost every tune hereby included. An indepth research by Dutch Beat Era expert Erik Meinen enriches this 18 tracks album with a two pages long insert that will reveal the beautiful and truly interesting stories of each and every artist/band selected. Some “known” names like Alderman and Amsterdam will probably sound familiar. The acid guitar-driven “Wild Flowers” by Double You will surely bring back echoes of the Pretties circa S.F. Sorrow, but really we are into almost unknown territories here, for non-connoisseurs of the Dutch Folk saga that made the late Sixties and early Seventies a great musical stage for Folk-Pop and similar sub-genres in Holland. Now it’s your turn to discover them all.



  1. John Prins* I Told Her
  2. Linda Christine Feeling Awful Cold Today
  3. Alderman (2) String Lady
  4. Alligator Free In B
  5. Justice (42) You Came To See Me
  6. Lloyd Watson (3) Lady In The Morning
  7. Fon Klement The Sun
  8. Double You (5) Wild Flowers
  9. Jon Wyce Circle's End
  10. Opus (8) Angela Grey
  11. Mystical Brotherhood Tuesday Afternoon
  12. Jumbo (16) I Want You
  13. Richard Neal Maybe It's Too Late Tomorrow
  14. The Marigold (2) Edwin
  15. Kenney And Pete I Need You
  16. Dutch Spring You Kissed Me With a Smile
  17. Judith Angela A Day Begins
  18. Amsterdam (3) No One really Cares