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Released: 8th Mar 2019



Released: 8th Mar 2019


Following what seemed to be a definitive statement with their third, self‐titled album and tours in the US, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand, New York's Kings Destroy have stepped back and taken on their core identity as a band.

Challenging each other every step of the way, they enlisted producer David Bottrill (Tool, King Crimson, Stone Sour), and after paring down their approach and their songwriting to the most crucial elements, they crafted Fantasma Nera, an album that presents a wider creative breadth than anything they’ve done before.Fantasma Nera isn’t just the album Kings Destroy wanted to make; it’s where they took on outside expectation – what others thought – and confronted their own ideas about who they could be as a band. Every KD LP has been different from the one before, but Fantasma Nera brazenly reshapes Kings Destroy as a group, and in confronting what seemed to be their own limitations, the band found just one more obstacle to be surpassed in their continuous process of becoming.



  1. The Nightbird
  2. Fantasma Nera
  3. Barbarossa
  4. Unmake It
  5. Dead Before
  6. Yonkers Ceiling Collapse
  7. Seven Billion Drones
  8. You're The Puppet
  9. Bleed Down The Sun
  10. Stormy Times